Color Run 2013

I got a crazy idea to pretend that I’m a runner. I wanted to run 30 miles this summer because I turned 30 in June and felt like I just needed to do something hard. (Like regular life isn’t hard enough) So after telling one of my friends (Cara) my lofty goal she decided to join my craziness. We started running together in the mornings in June and would go 2-3 times a week. We just stuck to running around the streets by our house. Eventually we got up to completing a mile in less than 8 minutes and 40 seconds, which beat Cara’s goal by a whole minute. The only goal I had was to not kill over on the street. In July Chad and I ran a Messy Rush up by Bear Lake. It was a lot more difficult than I wanted it to be. (I blame it on the altitude and the freakily large onion plants and cow holes) Hey, at least we got a cool t-shirt out of it. Cara and I ended the summer with the ColorRun and it was a blast! We ran the full 5k without stopping once-something we had never done before. I would definitely do it again.


Zoo Animals

For our 9th anniversary this year we were short on babysitter options so we decided to keep the kids with us and visit the zoo. They’ve changed it a lot since we’ve last been there and it was pretty fun. You can get a lot closer to some of the animals now and they had a good bird show. See if you can spot the real zoo animals in these pictures.

Arches National Park

We decided to throw a family vacation together in June. Chad had never been to arches so I really wanted to take him and we love hiking so it was perfect. We wanted to go cheapo so we ended up camping which was a lot of fun. The campground had a nice bathroom so no one had to suffer. On our way to moab we called up Corinne to see what they were doing that weekend and if they wanted to meet us there. (We’re both 3 hours away from Moab so it’s the perfect meeting point) We were SUPER excited when they said YES! Yahoo! They drove in on Sunday and we did some easy hikes with allllll the kiddos. It was so fun to see all of them, even though they couldn’t stay long. On Monday we took our kids on a 7-mile primitive trail hike up and over rocks and ledges-they were troopers. Then we did delicate arch that same day which they say is 3-miles round trip, but I swear it’s longer than that. Our kids were so awesome hiking 10 miles in one day on hard trails.  We drove home on Tuesday, but on the way home we decided to take a detour to see the Manti pageant. Our kids loved it. It was a long weekend but we had so much fun. Can’t wait to go back-redrock lovers!

Last Day of Kindergarten

Kenzie thought Kindergarten was boring but she managed to tell me a few of her favorite things about it:





5.Fun games they played

6.Story time

7.Show and Tell

8.Riding the bus

Look how much she grew during the year-knock it off Kenzie!!

Here are pictures of her first day of Kindergarten, her last day and the Kindergarten dance festival.

Kindergarten Dance

Welcome to Summer


Logan puts himself to sleep in the strangest places.